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Own A CBD Store
Watch How CBD Becomes a
Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
CBD Industry Expected to Reach Highs
of $2 Billion by 2022!

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants, is increasingly popular in dietary supplements.


Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is already becoming a household name. The purported therapeutic and health benefits of CBD, one of many compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants, has created quite a buzz.


CBD oil has entered the marketplace in the form of tinctures, infused edibles, topicals and more. The growth of CBD oil products has been so immense, in fact, that industry analyst BDS Analytics predicts the U.S. CBD market will reach $20 billion in sales by 2024.

The potential of the CBD industry has prompted many people to ask how to start a CBD business. The industry is not without its challenges, especially surrounding the evolving legal landscape,funding etc but the opportunity is significant all the same.


Typically stores with proper advertising and marketing, proper location with decent customer demographics, will produce $20,000 - 30,000 in sales monthly within a 90 day from opening window. 


1.Real estate/rent

 and deposit $1,000–$5,000  

Real Estate/Rent and Deposit – Most landlords require First and Last months rent and a deposit before renting. This will range based on location, size, market and individual landlord. 


2.Construction or remodeling of 

an in-line facility or pad site $1,000 -$15,000

Construction – Some spaces are “white-boxed” with no offices, stockrooms, or even bathrooms. This construction can sometimes be negotiated to be part of the lease with TI. However, you may have to hire a contractor to build out walls, rooms, electrical or even plumbing. 

3.Leasehold improvements


Leasehold Improvements – This is the beautification of the space including paint, trim, flooring, lights, etc. Some of this can be negotiated in TI or done during construction.

4.Furniture, fixtures, and equipment

$2,500- $10,000

Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment – This will be the items in your store. Including, but not limited to, retail displays, cases, chairs, desks, tables, camera system, Point of Sale Register, cash drawer, decorations, etc.


5.Signage $1,500 – $7,500 

Signage – This is signage on the building, signs, or windows to your location. Vinyl on the windows, lighted or unlighted signage on the building or even pole or pylon signs.

6.Opening inventory $10,000 

Opening Inventory – We typically recommend $10,000 worth of product. A full store will look better, sell better and you will not have to say no to a customer when they ask for a specific item. 

7.Utility deposits, security deposits, 

business licenses, etc. $500 - $1,500 

Utility deposits, business licenses – Some utilities will require a deposit, similar to a cell phone company. Depending on personal credit, you may have to pay a fee to get electric, gas or water. Also, you will need to find out what licenses you are required to have to do business in your location. You may need State, County, and/or City permits for retail and/or occupancy of a space. If you do construction, you may also need permits. You should check for retail sales, sales tax, occupancy, e-cigarette, consumable material, and employer licenses. 

8.Additional funds - 3 months  

$10,000 - $25,000 

Additional Funds – All businesses need money or they will suffer. Make sure you have funds to cover monthly expenses during your store setup and for a while after. We recommend you have at least 3 months’ worth of expenses available in case it takes a while for your store to become cash flow positive.

9.Marketing - Artificial Intelligence Cannabis-Hemp

Lead Generation $5000

Marketing - Artificial Intelligence Cannabis-Hemp Lead Generation,Reach your targeted audience instantly!


Using multi-channel marketing, paired with artificial intelligence and machine-learning, our technology allows us the ability to reach only the targeted audience that is truly in the buying window for cannabis - hemp CBD related products and services.

TOTAL INVESTMENT $32,500 – 90,000


Find out if your business qualifies

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