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A.i. Cannabis & Hemp CBD Lead Generation

While the cannabis-hemp CBD industry faces limitations on paid ad campaigns (no Facebook or Google), Maryjane's Funding can successfully implement an Artificial Intelligence Lead Generation campaign to drive traffic to your website and or retail store.

Cannabis-hemp marketing is a delicate art that requires market research, thoughtful foresight, and comprehensive strategies to reach the right crowd.


The key to a cannabis-hemp CBD A.i. Lead Generation Campaign is our Artificial Intelligence Lead Generation System, which can target users based on their location, interests and more.


Using multi-channel marketing, paired with artificial intelligence and machine-learning, our technology allows us the ability to reach only the targeted audience that is truly in the buying window for cannabis - hemp CBD related products and services.



Custom target mobile device users who have visited particular locations during a specific time (Real Time Buyer Leads). Then deliver your ads to them no matter where they are (mobile, desktop and tablets).

 A.i. Real Time Cannabis Hemp CBD Lead Generation

Is your cannabis hemp business in need of some highly targeted Cannabiz, hemp CBD leads? Share your vision and let us know how we can get you real time buyer leads.

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